Rosemary’s Reflexology is more than a basic treatment

…it is enhanced with many advanced techniques, including precision reflexology, metamorphic technique, making it a more powerful and holistic treatment.

Reflexology is the modern name for a therapy that has its roots in the ancient civilisations of Egypt, China, Africa and the native American Indian tribes. The first recorded use of reflexology was in Egypt in about 2330 BC.

The fathers of modern reflexology were two American medical doctors, William Fitzgerald and Edwin Bowers, who, influenced by travel, research and contact with the Cherokee tribe of native Americans, discovered that pressure on the hands and feet produced pain relief in distant parts of the body. At the same time, the condition causing the pain was also relieved.

Reflexology is a precise form of non-invasive treatment which is based on the principle that the body’s anatomy is reflected in miniature on the feet and also, but without the same precise definition, on the hands.

Reflexology can benefit a very wide range of conditions and can be safely used on people of all ages, from small babies, where much lighter strokes are used for a very short time, to those celebrating their 100th birthday and beyond!

  • Reduce feelings of stress by relaxing the mind and body

  • Calm and soothe – a sensation of wellbeing is often experienced

  • Encourage the elimination of body toxins

  • Improve circulation

  • Assist the body in maintaining a balanced state

  • Encourage healing and wellbeing

The treatment takes place with the client sitting or semi-reclined and with both the feet and the lower part of the legs bare of clothing. The reflexologist first gently massages the feet to promote relaxation and to allow an initial examination to be made. Then gentle but specific pressure and holds are applied through the therapist’s fingers and thumbs over the reflex points of the feet, thus balancing body energies, unblocking energy channels and allowing the body to become balanced. This re-balancing initiates and accelerates healing, allowing the body to embark on the healing process. Sometimes the pressure is increased or decreased in accordance with the findings from the therapist’s examination.

Reflexology is generally a very pleasant experience although some clients may experience a small amount of disomfort as the therapy takes effect.

A further gentle massage of the feet, ankles and lower legs concludes the treatment.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.