Health & Lifestyle consultations

Health & Lifestyle consultations

One to one lifestyle & Wellness consultation

We believe in feeling well, energised and able to live life to an optimal.

Too many people, including ourselves put up with up chronic digestive issues, without knowing why. Constant fatigue, no get up and go, no zest for living. In a state of anxiety and stress with no means of relief, inconsistent sleep patterns, weight issues and headaches.

We believe people should not have to put up with these chronic ailments, which are holding you back from living your life to the full.
There is a way that you can take control of your own wellbeing and feel good.

How can you feel healthy, energised and begin to live life the way you want it?

You need something easy to follow and understand, that can fit around your schedule and also that can easily implement, by building habits onto your already existing routines.

Can you tick any of these symptoms?


How has this happened?

  • Eating and drinking the wrong foods over long time

  • What we think and feel has a high impact on the health of our bodies and minds

  • Bad sleep patterns, late nights.

  • Too much work and not enough play or down time

  • Emotional stress again due to thoughts and situations

What Rosemary can do?

During our consultation we will discuss the issues you are experiencing, and help you to discover what is going on and how you can makes changes slowly and easily step by step, we will make suggestions which can include a mixture of different treatments, nutrition advice, foods to eat or not eat! plus much more, an individual programme for you to follow and we help and support you along this new path of change towards a healthier happier You.

We can’t always do it by ourselves we need guidance help and support, let the professionals help you.

Book an appointment with Rosemary now to begin a new journey.

“Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.”


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.